Intelligent Data Solutions. For a Connected World.

Intelligent Data Solutions. For a Connected World.

plan aero stands at the vanguard of aeronautics innovation, committed to infusing data intelligence within the heart of the aerospace sector. Our solution is the promise to bridge the vastness of data abundance with the specificity of actionable insights. In a realm where flight operations, safety protocols, and fleet management critically depend on the precision and immediacy of information, seamless data exchange isn’t just a benefit—it’s a necessity.

Recognizing the intricate needs of this industry, plan aero specializes in capturing, analyzing, and delivering robust data solutions. Our expertise ensures aerospace stakeholders receive the tools they need for enhanced efficiency and definitive outcomes. With plan aero leading the charge, the vision of a fully connected aeronautical world shifts from a mere aspiration to an impending reality.

Our Solutions

  • Airports


    Our airport and air traffic management software efficiently coordinates and monitors all aspects of airport operations, including flight scheduling, gate assignments, runway utilization, passenger handling, baggage tracking, and airspace control. It ensures safe, smooth, and organized air travel while optimizing resources and minimizing delays.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    Our smart city airspace management software optimizes air traffic flow, ensuring safe and efficient movement of drones, aircraft, and flying vehicles. It automates airspace allocation, real-time monitoring, collision avoidance, and integrates with existing infrastructure, promoting seamless urban mobility and reducing congestion.

  • Aerospace


    plan aero’s cutting-edge software managing airspace near spaceports, ensuring intrusion-free launches. It tracks aircraft, analyzes flight paths, and enforces no-fly zones with real-time alerts, preventing collisions and safeguarding space-bound vehicles. Seamless integration for safer space exploration.

  • Drones


    plan aero provides a comprehensive drone management software. Our solutions streamline flight planning, authorizations, risk assessment, and flight data management for efficient drone operations. We ensure regulatory compliance, enhances safety, and maximizes productivity in the rapidly growing drone industry.

  • Aviation Administrations

    Aviation Administrations

    plan aero develops a set of comprehensive software tools providing aviation administrations with vital data and reporting on flight operations within national airspace. It optimizes airspace management, enhances safety, and enables efficient decision-making for regulatory authorities.

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    We provide an advanced set of applications that instantly delivers precise flight operation information to law enforcement and customs police, enabling timely updates and actionable insights for enhanced security and regulatory enforcement.

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