Our Solutions

  • Airports


    plan aero revolutionizes the aviation sector with its data-driven approach, reshaping airport operations for the digital era. We facilitate interconnected airport functionalities using advanced data networks. They utilize predictive analytics for proactive management, enhance security with real-time data, champion eco-friendly initiatives, and prioritize passenger experience. Importantly, plan aero emphasizes GDPR compliance and robust data security to ensure user trust.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    We provide a sophisticated AI-driven software designed for the next generation of smart cities. With a specialty in aerial data, it meticulously oversees drone traffic, optimizes urban airspace usage, and encourages eco-friendly aerial practices. By fusing real-time analytics with AI algorithms, the software provides actionable insights for urban planners, ensuring cities evolve sustainably. Serving as a beacon in urban tech innovation, plan aero’s solution is paving the way for a harmonized coexistence of cities and the skies above.

  • Aerospace


    plan aero’s state-of-the-art software meticulously orchestrates the airspace vicinity of spaceports, paving the way for secure and intrusion-free launches. Its advanced system vigilantly monitors and tracks aircraft movements, scrutinizes flight paths, and steadfastly enforces no-fly zones with immediate alert notifications. This proactive approach acts as a potent barrier against potential collisions, thus offering an unparalleled shield for space-bound vehicles. With seamless integration at its core, Aero is your trusted ally for safer, streamlined space exploration initiatives.

  • Drones


    We offer an all-inclusive drone management suite, meticulously designed for today’s dynamic drone ecosystem. Our platform simplifies every step: from flight mapping, approvals, to risk evaluation and comprehensive data handling. Beyond ensuring you meet all regulatory standards, our prime focus is amplifying safety and boosting operational efficiency. Stay ahead in the fast-evolving drone space with plan aero, where technology meets seamless operations.

  • Aviation Administrations

    Aviation Administrations

    plan aero offers a cutting-edge suite of software tools specifically designed for aviation administrations. These tools offer critical insights by gathering and presenting essential data about flight operations within a country’s airspace. The benefits are manifold: airspace management becomes streamlined, safety protocols are amplified, and decision-making processes for regulatory bodies are greatly expedited. With plan aero, national aviation regulators are empowered to make informed, efficient choices for a safer, smoother airspace experience.

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    We offer cutting-edge application suites designed to promptly furnish detailed flight operation data to law enforcement and customs officials. This ensures immediate notifications and valuable insights, bolstering both security measures and regulatory compliance. Our commitment to empowering these entities guarantees a safer airspace, fostering trust among agencies and ensuring that every flight operation adheres to the highest standards of safety and legality.