plan aero is a Swiss-based international start-up founded in 2020 by Pierre Herman. With over 25 years’ experience as a pilot and data science professional, Pierre envisioned a company that would revolutionise the way data is collected and exchanged in the aviation industry.

Joined  by Christian Schneider and Nicolas Fournier, plan aero was founded with the aim of bringing innovative solutions to the digitalisation and management of data in the aeronautical industry.

One of the unique features of plan aero is its focus on combining data science and aviation. This approach enables the company to offer customised solutions that meet the needs of airlines, airports and other aviation-related entities. The plan aero team believes that decision-making based on accurate, targeted real-time data is the key to improving efficiency, reducing costs and increasing safety in the aviation industry.

In February 2023, the American company Dataero Group LLC became a partner and a shareholder. This partnership has further strengthened plan aero’s market position and given it access to new technologies and resources. With this collaboration, plan aero has acquired the capacity to offer an even wider range of innovative solutions to its customers both in Europe and on the American continent.

The success of plan aero is not only due to its innovative solutions, but also to the entities that support it. The company is supported by the Canton of Fribourg via the Seed Capital Foundation and the Canton of Vaud via the S.P.E.I. This support has enabled plan aero to concentrate on its core mission without worrying about constraints.